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Our Supporters

Financial Supporters
Gold -$5,000 and more 

Dr. Eloise L. Young
Ardella McClarty
Alice McClarty
Floyd McClarty

Silver – $2,500

Monica Hope
Jaysen A. Jacinto
David Kovacs
Yasmin Cornelius

Bronze – $1,000 and more

Virginia Pope
Terry Winston
Gaye Spruill
Tara Dowdell
Corey Llewellyn
Black Byrd
Karen Clark
George Andeozzi
Sanford Rubenstein
Minna Mae Productions LLC


****Donations (2005-2016)

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Young Faces Smiling
Student Ambassadors

Destiny Nisbett
Donte Lewis
Benjamin Amarh

Young Faces Smiling 
Advisory Board Ambassadors

Dr. Ian Jordan, DM MPA - Conservation Operations Supervisor/Public Sector Management Consultant

Dr. Noelle Witherspoon-Aronld, PhD - Associate Professor, Director of the EdD Program at The Ohio State University

Gyl-Maria Bartholomew - School Guidance Counselor at NYC Department of Education

Lenny "The Barber" Hansen - President at LTB Entertainment, LLC

Lesleigh Irish-Underwood - Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer at United Way of New York City

Jessica McClarty - Events & Public Relations Strategist

Nicole Sharpe - Non Profit Expert Consultant

Tylar Greene - Public Affairs Specialist at U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Urban Programs)